Megan Blabaum | HR Representative
Joined TPCHR in December 2016

I grew up in a small town of 700 people near Galena, IL where I was one of 4 Megan’s in my class of approximately 30 kids (I may or may not have tried changing my name to Sabrina at one point). As I approached college, I knew I wanted to experience a new place but nothing too far away (small town mindset what can I say) so I landed at the University of Wisconsin Platteville. At the time, my long-term goal was to be a High School Counselor, so I double majored in Education and Psychology. For several reasons I won’t bore you with, it didn’t take much time for me to realize that path just wasn’t for me.

At this point I had zero clue what direction I was supposed to go in. After many conversations with advisors, family, and friends I decided to purse Business Administration knowing that you can really do so much with it. Options were essentially endless, and because I didn’t want to spend the next several years as a “super senior” trying to figure out what to study, it was the safe call. I also had to pick an emphasis and truthfully HR just sounded like something I would enjoy so that’s what I chose. I was totally winging it but little did I know those decisions would change my life and definitely for the better! In my first semester as a Business Administration student, I took a Business Writing class. This is where I met my now husband and puppy daddy (was promoted to baby daddy January 2020!), Bryant.

Bryant was in his last year of college and had plans to move to Madison, WI after he graduated. I had never even been to Madison before I met Bryant but quickly fell in love with the city and couldn’t wait to join him when I graduated a couple years later.

Fast forward to the summer before my last semester of college. Knowing I would be moving to Madison eventually, I started applying for internships in that area and that’s where my journey at TPCHR began (it almost didn’t thanks to Jacqueline forgetting my first phone interview 😉). In 2016, I started as the Intern and mainly focused on recruiting and supporting the other member of the team on various projects and tasks. I have since evolved through a couple different roles.

After graduation I was hired on Full-time and Recruiting became my main focus. It looked to be my long-term path here at TPCHR. About 2 years in, the need arose for an extra set of hands in the payroll and benefits area of the business. The plan was that I would only take on a couple smaller, payroll only clients that would still allow me to be a full-time Recruiter. I quickly continued to take on more clients and found I was most passionate working with the clients and their employees directly so eventually phased out of Recruiting completely. I thrive on hearing people’s stories and have learned that employees who we get to work with often look at us as much more than the people who process their payroll and enroll them in benefits. Many view us as a listening ear, someone they can trust and be vulnerable with. Over time, just being a main point of contact for these employee’s has allowed me to be vulnerable too and build much deeper connections and relationships with the people around me. As a result, I am better able to understand their needs and better serve them on a day to day basis.

TPCHR was my very first “big girl” job and I feel as though I found the people, culture, and purpose some spend their whole careers searching for!


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