A Story of Change


Nonn's | Adam Nonn, Owner

"You need someone available when you need something, that is the biggest benefit I get out of TPCHR."

  • Industry

    Custom Flooring

  • Employees


  • Location

    MIddleton, WI

  • Connected with TPCHR

    Since 2015

The Company

Nonn's Flooring has become the largest independent retailer of flooring in Wisconsin. Since then, they've added countertops, cabinets, and appliances to their selection of products. With so much more to offer than just flooring, they dropped "Flooring" from their name, which is why today they're simply known as "Nonn's."

The Challenge

Nonn's struggled to have a consistent HR department and sought for someone who creates a relationship between the owners and the employees. For an organization like Nonn's, it was important for them to have manager training that would benefit employees and managers.

The Solution

TPCHR provided consulting and coaching development services that helped managers create and solidify better relationships with their employees. TPCHR provided standardized documents to update their Affirmative Action Plan to help get approved with the city.

TPCHR Services

  • All In HR

    Onsite outsourced HR

  • Outsourced HR

    Turnkey off-site HR department

  • Consulting Services

    Best practice HR advice via phone or email

  • Recruitment Process

    Full cycling recruiting, finding the right fit

  • Benefits Administration

    Employee group benefit programs, monthly vendor reconciliations

  • Payroll Administration

    Accurate and timely payroll with your system of choice

Our Clients Say It Best

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"Ultimately, what happened, was I got my life back...I got to move back into the critical role that I think the company needs most for me."

-Connie Gower, former CFO & Owner


"I have found that my overall working relationship with TPCHR has been the greatest thing, the greatest investment my bank has done." 

- Ruth Ann Klein, VP Security Officer


"To find someone like TPCHR, I can't think of an instance that we have been let down. I never thought it could be as good as it is to be quite honest."

- Dave Hataj, Owner


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